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[PC 1.11] Village and Woodland Mansion right next to eachother!

Coordinates: X: -1821 / Y: 96 / Z: -3295

[PC 1.11] Insane Dungeon Seed!

There is a dungeon, near -85 65 200 in Birch Forest Hills, that is exposed to the outside world! You spawn in a Plains biome, which is west of the dungeon. There are also many pumpkins near spawn. Note: there is an underwater Stronghold far north!

[PC 1.11] Woodland Mansion!

Using this seed, you spawn very close to a Woodland Mansion, which is a new randomly generated structure that has been added in Minecraft version 1.11 on PC.

[PE 0.10] Ocean monument

on 1.10 this seed will give you a ocean monument

[PE 0.14] Huge Amounts of Diamonds

Creative Mode, dig down right where you are and you'll find a cave, look around and you'll find a mineshaft. It is massive and I couldn't explore the whole thing, but I have found three sets of diamon

[PE 0.14] Follow the River and Mineshaft

When you spawn turn around and follow the edge of the sand until you find a hole with caves around it, ignore those caves and go on. Go to the river, the caves there have a mineshaft. If you follow the river you'll find lava pits, witch huts, towns.☺

[PC 1.9] 1.9.2 Survival Island

Spawn on an island with trees and a small beach

[PC 1.9] Temple Village Mashup

This is a Desert Temple IN a village at -510, 640. The temple has only a cave underneath, but...head due west and there's another Desert Temple very close by. AND a huge underground mineshaft midway between! And then just to the north another temple!

[PC 1.9] Village Seed

Village seed. :P

[PC 1.9] Rare village with ravine going through it!

You will spawn right at the village and there's plenty of resources in the ravine!

[PC 1.9] Minecraft 1.9 Double Igloo Seed!

Igloos are a new addition to Minecraft PC version 1.9 and some have secret basements! The first igloo is just north of spawn, at x 45 and z -155 and has a secret basement. The second one is at x -250 and z 30.

[PE 0.13] 3 Desert Temples + 1 Village at spawn!

With this Pocket Edition seed, you will spawn in a desert village with 3 desert temples surrounding it! The village has a blacksmith and the temples have great loot as well to get you started.

[PE 0.13] Massive Glitched TRIPLE Desert Temple!

When you've spawned, turn around and walk in that direction. You will immediately notice the 3 desert temples, 2 of them being right next to each other, appearing as one giant temple. Awesome loot: 3 diamonds, 34 gold, 4 emeralds and more!

[PE 0.13] Glitched Double Desert Village

You will spawn right next to a double desert village which are glitched into each other.

[PC 1.9] Perfect survival island with Ocean Monument

You spawn on a perfect survival island with a cave with lots of resources, and you can see an Ocean Monument in the distance.

[PC 1.9] 2 Villages 1 Desert Temple

Spawning next to a village and desert temple. Second desert village to the north.

[PC 1.9] Tiny Island 2 Ocean Monuments

You spawn on a tiny island from which you can see 2 Ocean Monuments close by, one to the west and one to the east.

[PC 1.9] Pink Sheep Madness

This seed will spawn you right next to a pink sheep and there are even more pink sheep in the area, which is very rare!

[PC 1.9] Beautiful Mountain Seed with Ocean Monument

This seed will spawn you next to a gorgeous mountain which also has an ocean monument below it!

[PC 1.9] Building Oasis

Awesome area for building! Plains/mountains to the east with a village close to the south. Even nicer mountains to the north starting at -1300 with a village further north. Water temple at -320/-130 + ice plains southwest from spawn.

[PE 0.12] Mesa biome village

At spawn, walk towards the Mesa biome behind you. You will quickly notice tall spikes and a village near it. The blacksmith's chest contains 1 apple, 1 iron leggings, 2 ink sacks and 3 obsidian.

[PE 0.12] 6 diamonds under spawn

In the middle of the flowers where you spawn in, dig straight down until you end up in a cavern. Now face away from the lava and start walking in that direction. Take the first right and you will quickly notice 6 diamonds.

[PE 0.12] Tropical jungle islands

The spawn is on a small jungle island, but next to that island is an even bigger jungle island with tall trees, caves and cool terrain to explore!

[PE 0.12] Extreme mountain islands

At the spawn, turn to the right and swim/fly out into the ocean until you see these gorgeous extreme mountain islands.

[PE 0.12] TRIPLE desert village!

When you've spawned, turn slightly to the left until you see the desert. Once you've arrived at the desert, you will quickly stumble upon a TRIPLE village!

[PE 0.12] Glitched Ice Village

You will spawn in a snow biome at a village. The village is pretty glitched however because some walls are missing.

[PE 0.11] Island Village

This seed will spawn you on a small island with a village.

[PE 0.12] Dungeon near spawn

Once you've spawned, turn slightly to the left and walk in that direction. You will notice a cave and stumble upon a spider dungeon.

[PE 0.11] Two villages mashed together

This seed will spawn you close to two villages that are mashed together and each contain a blacksmith. The chests contain 2 iron swords, 2 apples, 5 ink sacks, 3 obsidians, 2 saplings and 2 bread.

[PE 0.12] Winter Village

You will spawn near a village in a snowy biome. The blacksmith's chest contains 2 iron ingots, 1 iron helmet and 1 iron leggings.

[PE 0.11] Weird Village

You will spawn in the center of a very weird village; some parts of it are generated on the mountain, some IN the mountain and some in the valley.

[PE 0.12] Weird Village

You will spawn in the center of a very weird village; some parts of it are generated on the mountain, some IN the mountain and some in the valley.

[PC 1.8] Four Villages

Version 1.8.8 Plains Village with blacksmith at spawn near lakes and forest: 40 / 65 / 92 2nd Village 8 / 67 / -281 3rd Village 675 / 64 / 791 (on edge of ravine) 4th Village -219 / 67 / 553

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