Newest Seed

[PC 1.9] 1.9.2 Survival Island

Spawn on an island with trees and a small beach

[PC 1.8] Village with blacksmith and saddle + desert temple

When you spawn and head west, there’s a village with blacksmith (not great loot, but there is a saddle) and if you go east, there’s a desert temple at the intersection of a Plains and Desert biome.

[PC 1.9] Are you a PewDiePie fan?

Head towards the desert and you’ll come accross a desert temple with some great loot: a diamond, lots of gold and iron and an enchanted book. If you go to x = -585, z = 276 and dig straight down, you’ll end up in a dungeon with great loot.

[PC 1.9] Minecraft 1.9 Double Igloo Seed!

Igloos are a new addition to Minecraft PC version 1.9 and some have secret basements! The first igloo is just north of spawn, at x 45 and z -155 and has a secret basement. The second one is at x -250 and z 30.

[PC 1.6] 3 diamond temple + village + 2 dungeons with saddle and nametags

At x = -300 and z = 280 there’s a desert temple, village and 2 skeleton dungeons on the surface. The dungeons have some really good loot: 2 iron and 2 gold horse armor, saddles, 2 nametags and 3 music discs! 3 diamonds can be found in the pyramid.

[PC 1.8] 9 diamond desert temple + village with blacksmith

You will spawn in a savanna biome with a desert in front of you. Go towards the desert and you’ll see a village (with blacksmith) and a temple. The temple contains 9 diamonds! You also get lots of iron and gold.

[PC 1.8] Desert village with blacksmith and ocean monument at spawn!

You will spawn NEXT to a desert village with a blacksmith, that’s on the edge of a desert and plains biome. Because of that, there are also horses nearby. If you look in the other direction, you’ll notice an ocean monument not far away in the water!

[PC 1.9] 2 Villages 1 Desert Temple

Spawning next to a village and desert temple. Second desert village to the north.

[PC 1.8] FIVE villages and TWO desert temples!

You spawn close to FIVE villages and TWO desert temples!

Random Seeds

[PE 0.11] Island Village

This seed will spawn you on a small island with a village.

[PC 1.9] Perfect survival island with Ocean Monument

You spawn on a perfect survival island with a cave with lots of resources, and you can see an Ocean Monument in the distance.

[PC 1.8] Huge ore cluster under spawn

Dig straight down under spawn: you will end up in a cave where you’ll find a huge gold ore cluster and diamonds. There’s also plenty of coal and iron to help you get started.

[PC 1.5] Jungle island with temple and stronghold

This seeds will spawn you on a beautiful island with a mini jungle and jungle temple on it! Even better, at x = -400 and z = 600, there’s a stronghold on the ocean floor!

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