[PC 1.12] Hidden Skeleton Hideout, Amazing Biome

Platform: PE | Version: 1.2 and up | Seed: 7691216207491717870

This is my favorite random seed so far. So many hidden treasures in this diverse biome! You spawn in a roofed forest biome with giant mushrooms, facing a desert/mesa biome, with a skeleton dungeon to your right behind you. There are mountains behind you with waterfalls and lava pits, and the mineshafts are in the mesa biome. I ran across a swamp with a witch hut, and a desert temple as well. I’m not sure if all seeds spawn such variety of biomes but this one seems particularly interesting with huge formations and variety.

Seed: 7691216207491717870
Tested on: PE 1.2
Categories: Desert Temple, Dungeon, Interesting Landscape, Mineshaft, Witch Hut
Seed submitted by: Ralissa Briese

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