[PC 1.12] Spider Spawner In Village

Platform: PC | Version: 1.12 and up | Seed: 983054285

You will also spawn near a Plains Village. There are some Desert Temples that will give you free Diamonds!

The Desert Temples are located at: (-837, 75, 201) and (-661, 75, -917)

But I know what you’re really here for. There is a Desert Village at (-1000, 80, -120). One of the houses spawns with a Spider Spawner inside it too! So you can grind for XP and make a Villager farm at the same place!

Seed: 983054285
Tested on: PC 1.12
Categories: Desert Temple, Easy Diamonds, Loot, Village, Weird
Seed submitted by: EpicWither83

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