[PE 1.1] HUGE Savanna Blacksmith Village at Spawn

Platform: PE | Version: 1.1 and up | Seed: 1388582293

When you spawn using this Minecraft seed, you will immediately notice the village right in front of you! When walking closer to the village, you will realize just how huge this village really is. Actually, it is a double village in a savanna biome with 2 blacksmiths!

You will find the following loot in the village blacksmiths: 3 iron leggings, 1 iron sword, 10 obsidian, 1 apple and 4 saplings. Not great, but you’ll sure last quite a time with all those leggings!

Seed: 1388582293
Tested on: PE 1.1
Categories: Blacksmith, Loot, Village
Seed submitted by: admin

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