[PE 1.1] Snowy Blacksmith Village in Ice Spikes Biome

Platform: PE | Version: 1.1 and up | Seed: 1410403532

This seed will spawn you very close to a snowy village with blacksmith on the edge of a rare ice spikes biome. When you spawn, just follow the edge of the ice spikes biome and you will quickly notice the village not so far away from spawn.

The blacksmith in the village contains almost an entire set of iron armor for you to loot: an iron chestplate, iron helmet and iron leggings! In older versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition (version 1.0 for example), an igloo generated next to the village as well! Unfortunately, for some reason, as of version 1.1, this igloo has disappeared in this seed.

Seed: 1410403532
Tested on: PE 1.1
Categories: Blacksmith, Ice Spikes, Igloo, Loot, Village
Seed submitted by: admin

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