[PE 1.1] Stronghold & Dungeon below Village + Desert Temple (Epic Loot!)

Platform: PE | Version: 1.1 and up | Seed: 66898262

If you’re looking for a seed with epic loot right off the bat, look no further my friends! This awesome MCPE 1.1 seed spawns you inside a village, with the stronghold and a spider dungeon/spawner right below it. There’s also a desert temple very close by for even more loot, and even a rare desert well!

The village you spawn in has a blacksmith and will contain 2 diamonds, an iron helmet, an iron pickaxe, a golden horse armor and 2 apples for you to loot, which is already an awesome start. The desert temple that is really close to the village, as can be seen from the screenshot, contains the following loot: 3 iron ingots, 4 gold ingots, 3 golden apples, 2 saddles, another golden horse armor and lots of bones/rotten flesh/gunpowder/string/sand.

However, the most awesome part of this seed is situated right below the village! Head to the well at the center of the village (not the desert well), jump into the water and dig straight down until you end up in the stronghold. The stronghold is a real maze, but if you keep looking you will come across a spider spawner/dungeon that has generated inside the stronghold! The dungeon has 2 chests with the following items: an enchanted book (Projectile Protection I), a bucket, 2 iron horse armors, another saddle and some beetroot seeds/coal/wheat/string/bones.

The stronghold itself and the library inside of the stronghold have a lot of chests hidden as well. In total, I was able to gather the following items from chests: an iron sword, an iron pickaxe, 3 iron ingots, iron boots, iron leggings, 2 gold ingots, 9 redstone, 3 breads, a book, 10 paper and the following enchanted books: Silk Touch I & Efficiency III, Power IV & Knockback II, Efficiency IV, Flame I & Unbreaking III & Smite III.

TL;DR: you will surely have enough tools, resources, enchanted books, food (and saddles!) to get you started!

Seed: 66898262
Tested on: PE 1.1
Categories: Blacksmith, Desert Temple, Dungeon, Easy Diamonds, Loot, Stronghold, Village
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