[PE 1.2] 4 Villages at Spawn!

Platform: PE | Version: 1.2 and up | Seed: johnny appleseed

“An absolutely mind-blowing seed, guys!” That’s how AceCraftGaming describes it in the nice review he has made. As soon you spawn into the world you will see two villages, tightly almost combined. The villages in which you spawn at even got a blacksmith, isn’t that cool? The chests in the blacksmiths are different on every device (iPhone, iPad etc) so it’s all random what kind of things you’ll get from those. But it’s definitely worth checking out the chests.

To find the next two villages all you have got to do is head straight ahead off spawn and you’ll soon come across them.

Supported versions: 0.9.0 – 1.2

Seed: johnny appleseed
Tested on: PE 1.2
Categories: Stronghold, Village
Seed submitted by: LuckyGuy2017

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